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Likes, views, followers and subscribers are nowadays a popular success metric. Most creative individuals seek approval, praise and compliments. Yeah, it feels good to be accepted. Those dopamine releases can make our day and pat our ego which can consequently lead to laziness and overconfidence. I know I’ve fallen into that hole and the climb out was steep.

Photo: Tadej Pišek, Ljubljana 2023

The value of constructive criticism is often overlooked, neglected or simply ignored. Why? It hurts. It hurts our ego and self-worth, so the natural response is to look for excuses and try to justify our mistakes or make them look intentional. Sometimes the truth hurts and sometimes people are just jealous and mean. The first challenge is to separate the two.


1. information about reactions to a product, a person’s performance of a task, etc. which is used as a basis for improvement.

“throughout this process we have obtained valuable feedback”

Definitions from Oxford Languages

I love it. The feedback, especially when clients, friends or complete strangers take the extra time to be constructive. Giving me examples, asking questions, referencing my past work and just being brutally honest are my fuel.

Fuel for the fire that’s helping me grow every day. Not just as a photographer, artist and creator, but as a human being. Thank you and I really appreciate you.

Truth or dare? Here’s my contact page. Wink-wink.


Marko is a very cool guy to work with. He is well prepared throughout the whole process and keen to try different things. The photoshoot was extremly relaxed, yet efficient and productive. I only knew him as a great live photographer, but he did just as well directing the band on the rooftops of Ljubljana. The end result speaks for itself and at that very end – working with him; everyone’s a winner. 🙂

Sašo Dornik

Exactly what we need: young & intuitive, emotional from a distance, invisible & efficient. Great photographer.

Nikola Sekulović
Nikola Sekulovć, Dan D, Novo mesto 2018

Highly recommend! Makes great photos and he catches the right moments!

Žan Hauptman

Marko is one of the best concert photographers I’ve seen and had the privilege to work with. His ability to capture the moment and the ambience is stunning. I am really grateful for the memories his photos will provide 🙂

Andrej Blatnik, Noctiferia

Marko is incredibly committed to his work. When shooting for a concert, he’s all over the place. He knows when and where to be, to make a great shot. And you don’t have to wait long to see his work. He’s a team player, who is kind, always positive and understands the importance of everyone and everything on the set. His pictures speak for themselves…

Klemen Krajnc

Working with Marko is a pleasure! He is not only focused but also excels at prioritising tasks. He knows how to meet stakeholders’ expectations while advocating for his team.

He is a true team player at heart, dedicated to achieving the goals he sets and taking full ownership of the projects he manages.

We collaborated on two occasions, and I would do it again!

PS: Did I mention he bakes some of the most outstanding chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had!? 🍪

Teo Winkler

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