Let’s create something together

“Under promise and over deliver.” is a mantra I can’t get out of my system with everything I do. It’s something I owe to myself and my regular clients seem to appreciate and value over the years of successful partnership.

Hire me.

Below is a summary and a list of services I provide, along with brief descriptions for your convenience. If you already know what you need, feel free to shoot me an email at marko@alpner.com.


Concert photography

Did someone mention a concert? I’d love to be there!

I can join you at the soundcheck, exclusively capture your stage performance, or “paint” the full story – from loading guitars into the van to meeting fans after the show and signing merchandise. It all depends on your wishes and budget. (from 180 EUR)

Koala Voice, Klub Jedro, Medvode 2024

Event photography

From marathons to weddings, I can offer you a documentary style of photography, tailored to your event and preferences. (from 160 EUR)

KRG Tjaša Šeme, Kamnik 2023

Promotional photoshoot

Posters, billboards and album covers are what I’m shooting for! Starting a new band or just trying to introduce a new band member? I got you covered. With our exceptional Fotostrel production crew, we’re ready to tackle any challenge you throw at us. (from 500 EUR)

Dan D, Novo mesto 2018

Portrait session

Need a new LinkedIn, Tinder, Instagram or any other social media profile picture? Want to show off a new dress, haircut or just feeling cute? Individual sessions usually take about 1-2 hours, they don’t hurt and you get a selection of photographs you can freely use. PS: I can also help you print some of those, so you don’t forget to give the favourite to your grandmother. (from 100 EUR)

Dejan Žerdin, Ljubljana 2023

Athlete session

As a runner and cyclist, I understand the value of professional pictures capturing your performance. Whether it’s a competition or a training session, I’ve got you covered. Besides providing daily motivation to get out on a cold morning, these images may also help you secure that sponsor you’ve been eyeing for months. (from 120 EUR)

Anja Fink, Ljubljana marathon 2023

Photo Workshop

Tailored to your current knowledge, skill and gear, an individual workshop is the best opportunity to improve or learn something new. With a strong focus on your goals and aspirations, I can help you to become a better photographer. Available for small groups in one or multiple sessions as well. (from 240 EUR)

Photo: Tadej Pišek, Kranj 2024

Gift coupon

Want to surprise a friend or a loved one? I also offer gift certificates for the services mentioned above.


“How much?” is the one question we can’t avoid. While I’d love to offer a restaurant-style menu with all services, options, and prices listed, I pride myself on flexibility and custom-tailored services – including pricing.

Let’s break it down a bit.

Type of client

  • Long-term, regular
  • Returning
  • First time

Charging by the

  • Project (prefered)
  • Hours
    • Shooting
    • Editing
    • Travelling
  • Amount (number) of photographs


  • Next morning
  • Next day
  • Regular – up to 3 days


  • Advanced
  • Basic
  • Custom watermarking

Image Licensing

Where will the photographs be published, printed and/or used? Prices for social media use differ from commercial use (billboards, covers, etc).

Additional costs

  • Additional personnel
    • Assistant, 2nd shooter, etc.
  • Additional gear, rent
    • External lights, special lenses, etc.
  • Travel, location costs, etc.

With everything mentioned above, the price can vary significantly. From 150 EUR for a concert in Orto bar, to a complex multi-day promotional photoshoot for 3500+ EUR. Pyro included.

Cover & thumbnail image by Tadej Pišek / Fotostrel.