Author: Marko Alpner

  • Food in Ljubljana: Comfort, pleasure & passion

    Food in Ljubljana: Comfort, pleasure & passion

    As a self-proclaimed food enthusiast and somewhat of a local, I do appreciate the various options Ljubljana offers when it comes to a delicious meal. From a moreish breakfast, a quick lunch bite or a perfect tiramisu, to a business dinner, I’m always on the lookout for places where passion shines through the dishes served.…

  • Klon: Celje

    Klon: Celje

    Supporting Siddharta on Prepovedana Tour, Klon is an awesome local band with serious firepower. Luka Vinko, Gregor Videc, Urban Krč in Goran Koražija are working hard and it shows. I took a few shots for myself during their performance and can’t wait for the next one in Velenje.

  • Siddharta: Šempeter

    Siddharta: Šempeter

    Episode 6 of the Prepovedana Tour on April 13th in Šempeter-Vrtojba sports hall near Nova Gorica, close to the Italian border. Supported by Delta Riff who already proved themselves in Kranj. Full house! Here are a few of my favourites. Boštjan Meglič Tomi M Offical “Prepovedana Tour” axe made by Damir Kopina Janez Hace Primož Benko. Getting all those…

  • Siddharta: Celje

    Siddharta: Celje

    Episode 5 of the Prepovedana Tour on April 7th brought a number of firsts to Celjski sejem’s Exhibition Hall D. With Goran Bojčevski joining the band on Party Inc. and Napoj, with Žan Osim helping me out, the stage was set for a special night. Supported by local band Klon and an updated Siddharta setlist for the evening, I might have gone…

  • Big Foot Mama: Media Center Ljubljana

    Big Foot Mama: Media Center Ljubljana

    The second consecutive show by the Slovenian rock giants took place at the Media Center Ljubljana, where they performed live on March 23rd, 2024. It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with their house photographer and good friend, Damjan Končar. The band kicked off 2024 with two sold-out shows and extended invitations to a couple of…

  • 2. L’Étape Slovenia by TDF

    2. L’Étape Slovenia by TDF

    With last-minute registration, this was my first cycling race after the iconic Maraton Alpe in 2007. I was terrified and it showed. Despite the worst start positioning possible and nervous descending, Betka and I beat the short route and won the 2nd group uphill sprint. 7th place overall? Wow. It was much higher than I…

  • [video] Josipa Lisac & Zvjezdan Ružić: Arestantova Oda Steničici

    [video] Josipa Lisac & Zvjezdan Ružić: Arestantova Oda Steničici

    Jaw-dropping live performance at Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana, Slovenia on October 22nd, 2022 by Josipa Lisac and Zvjezdan Ružić. Arestantova Oda Steničici is the song by Slovenian poet Frane Milčinski – Ježek, also known as Prisoner’s ode to the Bedbug.

  • Josipa Lisac: Ljubljana

    Josipa Lisac: Ljubljana

    Legendary Croatian singer performing in Ljubljana at Cankarjev dom is not an everyday occurrence. Her presence is immense, her voice and overall grandiosity can be felt from the balcony to the first rows. Wow.

  • 2k21: Year in Review

    2k21: Year in Review

    It all started with a surprise when Taco Polako named a dish after me. If you haven’t tried ALPI štručka yet, you’re missing out. Soon after it was available on the menu, it became a bestseller. How cool is that? Rok, Igor and the girls, I’m sincerely grateful for spoiling my ass the entire year.…

  • 2:51:29 – My first sub-3-hour marathon

    2:51:29 – My first sub-3-hour marathon

    A year ago, I could barely run 10k under an hour. Today, I made myself cry just a little. A sub-3-hour marathon was a goal I had since early childhood, but my plantar fasciitis wasn’t willing to give up – so I did. For a while, at least. A few months into the pandemic, after…