Marko Alpner, self-portrait, Ljubljana 2021

Marko Alpner

I consider myself a passionate, sometimes obsessive, hard-working 30-something cat caretaker. As a project manager at Kaldi by day and a freelance photographer by night, I strive to find the balance between work, strict and overly optimistic athletic aspirations, all while keeping up with a plethora of various hobbies.

Random Facts

  • Conceived in Yugoslavia, born in Slovenia on September 3rd
  • Siddharta official photographer since 2018
  • Attended 700+ concerts in the last 10 years
  • Not welcome at Jan Plestenjak’s concerts
  • There is was a dish called ALPI štručka (ALPI bun) named after me
  • 2:48:03 – marathon PB
  • Logarska dolina – Celje ultramarathon winner
  • Scared of bicycle riding in large groups
  • Whisky? Neat, sometimes with a splash of water
  • Adult fan of LEGO
  • I sincerely dislike dogs


By coincidence, luck and a bit of eavesdropping, I somehow found my niche in music photography. As a founder and active member of Fotostrel Crew, I aim to build a community of like-minded individuals, whose collective desire and goal is to create a visually engaging story. A story which will hopefully serve as a document of time, and at the same time, offer a glimpse behind a curtain of incredible artists.

I consider myself extremely lucky, grateful, honoured and proud to earn the trust of promoters, managers, musicians and other talented individuals who grant me access and give permission to tell stories from my point of view. Thank you so much.

Besides the aspects of music photography, I strive to challenge myself to explore other genres as well. When the pandemic hit and the entire event industry was forced to a halt, I found a challenge and an opportunity working with PM, poslovni mediji d.o.o. agency. Contributing to a magazine, with the identical name as Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, offers me a great challenge monthly with a variety of topics. PM and I found a common ground on some additional projects with Porsche & Lidl, on which I’m still proud of today.

It is far better to be exhausted from success than to be rested from failure.

Vid Voršič

Another great opportunity came as a collaboration with Chio Slovenia. The focus was documenting and creating cycling-related content and, in the process, visiting the great Tour De France in 2022.

Lately, I’ve been fortunate enough to contribute a lot of visuals for promoting Ljubljana and the ongoing events on the city’s official channels – Visit Ljubljana as well.

The goal is to learn and improve myself by telling more stories. With that, meeting new, exciting people is an enormous privilege. Did something or someone pop into your mind while reading this? Visit my contact page and let me know what can I help you with.


My family got into running collectively when I was 8. I ran my first 10k the same year and just a year later, I had already crushed my first ‘half’ with a time of 1:45:03. Years passed by and a number of medals, trophies and accomplishments piled up. From triathlons, mountain running to marathons, for me, running was something I identified with deeply.

Just around the end of my teenage years, plantar fasciitis hit hard. The doctors, custom shoe inserts and a number of treatments didn’t help one bit. I was still trying, training on and off for a year before giving up as the injury became chronic.

Childhood obsession returns.

The pandemic had its benefits, at least for me. After getting some rest, I again found my long-lost love for sports. Overweight, clocking dangerously close to 100 kilos, with a bruised ego from a relatively short bike ride with my boss, I decided to give it a go one more time. Slowly but surely, and with the help of physiotherapist Dubravko Pipal, my feet were ready. I was ready to tackle some of the unfulfilled goals I buried somewhere deep down, with a sub-3-hour marathon being on top of that list.

A year and a half later? Check.

My first sub-3-hour marathon, 25th Ljubljana Marathon, Ljubljana 2021

Setting my mind on a goal that I care about allows me to focus and endure, no matter the discomfort. During this period I became obsessed and fell in love with the sport and the process once more. What’s next?


Food is next. The main reason and probably the best answer to the question ‘Why?’. Why do you wake up and run at 5 am, no matter the season or weather? Because breakfast. Coffee. Second breakfast. That’s why. Croissants, apple pies, doughnuts, homemade cookies, tacos, sushi, curry, pizza… Yeah. I’m obsessed. And as with most things in life, it’s not about the quantity, but the quality.

In the past, I used to travel around chasing famous artists and musicians, but now – yeah, you guessed it. It’s mostly about the food. I’m not talking about the Michelin-starred restaurants, but hidden local gems, street food where you can taste the passion, and where the dish can tell a story. I met a few of my favourite people on this journey and I know I barely scratched the surface.

Coffee, whisky, LEGO

Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whisky is barely enough.

Mark Twain

This paragraph is currently in development, as I went for coffee and didn’t come back since.

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