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Food in Ljubljana: Comfort, pleasure & passion

As a self-proclaimed food enthusiast and somewhat of a local, I do appreciate the various options Ljubljana offers when it comes to a delicious meal. From a moreish breakfast, a quick lunch bite or a perfect tiramisu, to a business dinner, I’m always on the lookout for places where passion shines through the dishes served.

Sadly, the food service industry is relentlessly tough and many of my favourite places like Tabay Brothers, Taco Polako and Njokarna are no more. They will always have a special place in my heart, as they taught me to keep an open mind and appreciate food the way I do.

Enough chit-chat – when friends ask me where and what they should eat in Ljubljana, these are my not-so-secret go-to places of joy and happiness.

#zahranogre – it’s all about food

I use #zahranogre when I post anything food-related on social media. Maybe you can use it too? Let’s dig in.


Dalibor Novaković aka. Žmoht is one of a kind- a bit of a daily gamble, but for the sake of taste buds – worth it. From Monday to Friday on Tržnica Moste.

Follow Žmoht on Facebook for daily updates on opening hours and menu. Usually opening at noon, offering 3 or more dishes that make each visit memorable and still wanting more. Tacos, burgers, pasta, you name it, Dalibor has it up his sleeves and will scratch that itch. Every time.

📍 Zaloška cesta 55, LjubljanaInstagram

Birdie Restaurant

Planning or celebrating something special? Survived an extremely rough week, or just yearning for comfort and joy? Birdie 🦜.

Open from Wednesday to Saturday, reserve your table and let Tom, Vuk & Rok take care of you. Every week the menu slightly changes, but the classics stay the same. You can opt-in for the seafood menu or go all-in with a perfect rare steak au poivre. Most impressive feat? The deserts often match or even supersede the courses before. Incredible.

📍 Cesta v Mestni log 3, LjubljanaWebsiteInstagram

Raw Pasta – Pasta Fresca Bar

Ran by Maxx and Erika, Italian chefs and awesome human beings, surrounded by their passionate team. And it shows!

Lasagna, Panettone & Carbonara by Raw Pasta

As I already confessed on my Ask me anything page, I have a soft spot for their Lasagna. And their Panettone. And their Colomba. And their pasta with peas, pancetta. And… Yeah, I have a problem – but Maxx has solutions.

PS: Don’t forget to visit the Raw Pasta Shop behind the corner.

📍 Trubarjeva cesta 43, LjubljanaWebsiteInstagram


“A day without a good cup of double espresso in the morning is a day not worth having.” -Me

Inside City Museum of Ljubljana (also worth the visit), you’ll find my favourite coffee shop in the world1. Sebastjan Pirc, Sandra and the rest of the team pour their devotion and love for coffee onto anyone prepared to ask, listen and learn. Give it a try!

If you have a sweet tooth like me, try one of those pies – the apple one is my favourite. Their coffee workshops are also a must for any future barista.

Important! Don’t confuse it with the Prešeren Square location with the same name. They are not the same.

📍 Gosposka ulica 15, LjubljanaWebsiteInstagram


Just another hole-in-a-wall Asian take-out? Think again.

Zia, chef and the owner of Zaika is one of the most meticulous and hard-working individuals I’ve met – if not making his own spices, only the best ingredients will satisfy him enough for the dish he’s preparing for you. Next time you’re there, ask for “Chicken Nevem” with some garlic naan and prepare to be amazed.

Tip: There’s limited seating available, so call ahead – and don’t forget the Mango Lassi for desert.

📍 Trubarjeva cesta 60, LjubljanaWebsite


A young team under “šefi” Anina makes sure you can’t wipe that grin off your face as you see your order arriving. It is my favourite pizza place on this list with exceptional Instagram content, worth a follow. The only thing I miss is consistency. My go-to order? Amatriciana and Reservoir Dogs Conqueror on draft.

PS: If you want some extra points, bring Mitja some Kinder sweets. They also have various vegan & vegetarian options, if that’s your preference.

Amatriciana heaven – a bit more onions and pepper next time, please

The same team also opened up a brand new Piccola Cafe, which I ‘need’ to check out soon – their Instagram is mouthwatering. Sigh.

📍 Gornji trg 20, LjubljanaWebsiteInstagram


Remember Njokarna? Same location, new people. Vegashi, run by close friends and passionate people with always something new to try. My go-to? Ask Rope to make a properly spicy pickle roll – if you’re into that, of course.

Vegashi's famous pickle roll

Vegashi is also known to support local artists, including myself. We collaborated on a small, solo photography exhibition in February 2024. First, in a row of many, so check out the latest one by Tim Hafner.

📍 Borštnikov trg 1, LjubljanaFacebook

Art Bread

If I had to move, I’d move to France. “How about a second breakfast?” he asked and bit into a perfectly laminated croissant. Sounds like a dream.

Art Bread in Rožna Dolina is my treat of choice, when it comes to daily bakery goodness. And honestly, it reminds me a bit of that dreamy paradise – minus the wine and cheese. Delicious, for a fair price.

📍 Rožna Dolina, cesta II 36, LjubljanaInstagram


Yes, bakeries are the reason I will never have the optimal body fat for an endurance athlete, but it is something I already made my peace with.

Brot offers a variety of baked goods, bread, sandwiches, but… If anything, you should go for their almond croissant. Trust me.

📍 Poljanska cesta 11, LjubljanaInstagram

I didn’t forget about Osem & Pekarna Ana, don’t worry.
Come back soon for part 2.


Nikkei food – a Peruvian ingredients moulded by Japanese techniques. Exciting fusion, for special occasions. The best sushi I had so far, accompanied by an exceptional ‘Tigers Milk’ cocktail.

Don’t dunk your nigiri in the soy sauce. Don’t mix your wasabi in the soy sauce. If the rice is good, complement your sushi chef on the rice.

Anthony Bourdain

📍 Breg 8, LjubljanaWebsite

OLD TOWN American Bar & BBQ

While writing this I noticed that the place closed down only 3 days ago. Sad.

“Where did you eat the best burger in your life?” I asked across several social media platforms and followed the answers. OLD TOWN American Bar & BBQ was the first one which impressed me.

The burger was properly made, and delicious – a bit too sweet for my taste, but still better than anything I ate in years. What blew my mind were the homemade onion rings and their whisky & bourbon selection.

PS: You must try the wings and cheesecake as well.

📍 Prečna ulica 6, Ljubljana


Vegan? Are you sure? When people making your food are as passionate as Nika, you’re gonna have a good time, I’m sure. Creative and passionate, with a lovely sense of humour and an ever-evolving menu.

View this post on Instagram

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📍 Gornji trg 33, Ljubljana

Vito Maccheroni

Best Tiramisu in town? Yes.
Delicous Carbonara? Yes.

Now open in two locations, with friendly service and fair portion size – even after a long training session, Vito is always a good choice. Don’t skip the Tiramisu. Don’t.

📍 BTC market, Šmartinska c. 152, LjubljanaInstagram
📍 NEU, Kolodvorska ulica 6a, Ljubljana

Ta Gud Pica

Napoli-styled pizza is everywhere. The differences between most places are minor, but in my post, Ta Gud Pica takes the second2 place. Their dough is fluffy, with the right amount of chew and crunch, topped with quality ingredients and supported by friendly service.

You don’t have to wait long and the prices are justified. Bestsellers are always there, but sometimes they will surprise you with something special.

Something special.

PS: Vito’s amazing Tiramisu is just around the corner, 20 meters away.

📍 Italijanska ulica 7, LjubljanaWebsite

Honourable mentions

Taprav Žibert

My go-to price/performance burger in Ljubljana. Consistent and delicious with eye-pleasing CI and solid social media presence. I do have a ‘beef’ with the amount of waste that’s generated even when dining in – unnecessary.

PS: Go for the classic “Čiz Taprav” double and share some sweet fries with a side of aioli sauce with your significant other.

*TODO: Go to Žibert, take a good photo of a burger and fries*

📍 Celovška cesta 335, LjubljanaWebsite

Slaščičarna pri Vodnjaku

A classic sweet coffee shop, with an impressive and nostalgic style. Their chocolate hedgehog is something I crave at inappropriate times. Compact and full of flavour, just like it should be.

Should I order two? A rare treat I indulge a bit too often. Worth it.

📍 Stari trg 30, LjubljanaInstagram

Taqueria “Unomás”

Since the dawn of the previously mentioned Taco Polako, quality tacos have been a rarity in Ljubljana. The team behind Hood Burger decided to tease and tease, before finally opening up “Unomás” – a treat for Mexican food enthusiasts like myself.

I love their tacos and was a regular customer, but their latest marketing ‘stunt’ was an instant turn-off. Tasteless billboards all over the city with inappropriate copy are an everyday reminder to “vote” with my wallet (and tastebuds) elsewhere. Sorry, not sorry. But if you don’t care about such things, you can find Unomás at 📍 Ajdovščina 1, Ljubljana.

Slaščičarna Rašica

Doughnuts. Available for a limited time, approximately from November – March, Slaščičarna Rašica offers delicious, jam-filled doughnuts people queue up in the cold for hours.

Worth it? Believe me, Slovenians rarely line up for food.

📍 Dunajska c. 380, LjubljanaInstagram

Disclaimer – I wasn’t paid or compensated by anyone on this list. Places featured are my subjective selection, based on experience, feeling of slight hunger and the effects of a generous Redbreast 12 Cask Strength pour.

All rights reserved – use of photographs and/or text only with written permission by the author – me.

Thank you for reading. Can you guess my favourite?

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  1. Faro in Rome comes close, but that’s a story for another day ↩︎
  2. There is a guy I need to write about. Soon. ↩︎