L'Étape Slovenia, Jamnik, Kranj, Marko Alpner, Betka

2. L’Étape Slovenia by TDF

With last-minute registration, this was my first cycling race after the iconic Maraton Alpe in 2007. I was terrified and it showed. Despite the worst start positioning possible and nervous descending, Betka and I beat the short route and won the 2nd group uphill sprint.

7th place overall? Wow. It was much higher than I ever expected.

Finish line pain face – yeah, It hurt



Nervous descending from Jamnik into Kropa

Thank you Garmin Slovenija for the last-minute chance to compete, Alpe.cc and Funsports for all the support. Also, congratulations and shoutout to Maja Mencingar, 3rd woman overall on the longer course, just ONE! day after running and finishing on a podium at Red Bull 400 in Planica. You are crazy!

Marko Alpner and Didi the Devil or El Diablo at L'Étape Slovenia, Kranj
I don’t usually do selfies, but when Didi the Devil shows up I didn’t pass up the chance