Marko Alpner, Ljubljana marathon, first sub 3 hour marathon, photo by Uros Modlic

2:51:29 – My first sub-3-hour marathon

A year ago, I could barely run 10k under an hour.
Today, I made myself cry just a little.

A sub-3-hour marathon was a goal I had since early childhood, but my plantar fasciitis wasn’t willing to give up – so I did. For a while, at least. A few months into the pandemic, after an honest realization of my current and non-existent shape things had to change.

25th Ljubljana Marathon

2:51:29, 22nd overall, 6th age group. Yay!

There were days when I didn’t feel like it, but just being able to run and enjoy it was motivating enough. Cold night? Foggy morning? Too busy? Doesn’t matter. A year later, running towards the finish line of Ljubljana Marathon makes all the hours, all the sacrifices worth it. Egoistic, I know. But for me, this is not #malzemage or #velikezmage, this was one of those #lifegoal moments that just hit home.

Thank you Tadej Pišek & Uroš Modlic for an amazing set of memories, thank you to everyone who was there when I needed some advice, a different perspective, a push or just a hug. You know who you are. I appreciate it, even if I don’t always show it. Now, it’s time for some rest… Maybe I have a few more goals in mind. Maybe.

Cover & thumbnail image by Uroš Modlic / @fotomodlic