Photography. Food. Cycling. LEGO. Whisky. Running. Life.

Social media is cool, but how about a website? I’m Marko, and welcome to my online sandbox!

Self-portrait, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana 2021


“Wow, your camera takes really great photos.”
-Sigh. Thank you.


Siddharta, Arena Stožice, Ljubljana 2023
Siddharta, Arena Stožice, Ljubljana 2023
Ana Roš, Jaz by Ana, Ljubljana, 2024
Ana Roš, 3 Michelin star chef, Ljubljana 2024


  • Portraits, documentary & promotional work
  • Behind the scenes, collaborations
  • Hire me

Searching for more time in a day.

Hey ChatGPT, please help me write a description for the secondary section? Thank you.

Marko Alpner, Siddharta, Prepovedana tour, Koper, 2024, Matevž Kocjan
Photo: Matevž Kocjan, Koper 2024


With a decade behind the lens, I still find myself yearning for the next challenge. My professional hobby, as I like to point out, always keeps me on my toes with a desire to tell a compelling story.

Kaldi Teambuilding, Maribor 2023
Kaldi teambuilding, Maribor 2023

Project manangement.

As an experienced ‘PM’ at Kaldi, I strive towards successful, on-time and within budget outcomes, while prioritizing team well-being through clear and transparent communication.

Birdie Ljubljana, perfect porchetta by Rok Stubičar
Birdie Ljubljana, heaven on earth


I’m a passionate foodie who revels in simple dishes, spending days planning and anticipating the next delicious meal. And yes, I can be quite vocal about it! Exceptional desserts will always be my weak point.

Photo: Tadej Pišek, Kranj 2023


As an ultramarathon runner and avid road cyclist, I’m fueled by the promise of more food. Can’t outrun a bad diet? Watch me. Breaking PRs is just a side effect.

My humble whisky collection, Lagavulin
Lagavulin 16, for special occasions


Whisky enthusiast, LEGO collector, and mechanical keyboard nut. An expensive taste in hobbies, but my bank account doesn’t quite match. If only smart and responsible budgeting were one of them…

Marko Alpner at MetalDays in Tolmin, 2022, Photo by Tadej Pišek
Photo: Tadej Pišek, Tolmin 2022


There should be a paragraph here. About double, single-origin light roast espresso.

Exactly what we need: young & intuitive, emotional from a distance, invisible & efficient. Great photographer.

Nikola Sekulović

Laibach, Demolition Group, Dan D…